The organic extra-virgin olive oil that we produce, which we call “Il Nostro Oro” (Our Gold), is of the highest quality and value.

There are numerous reasons why this is true:

  • The olives are grown organically
  • The olives are harvested by hand
  • The olives are collected in small crates and processed immediately (maximum of two to four hours after harvesting)
  • We grind the olives in our company mill, where we only grind our own olives.
  • We provide a quality certificate that attests to absolute excellence.

The olive farm contains a notable variety of plants. Their age varies from a few months to two centuries.
The entire planting covers approximately a hectare and consists of 350 plants.
The different cultivars give rise to our oil. We can list a few to give you an idea of the mixture:
Leccino, Carboncella, Frantoio, Moraiolo, Coroncina and Ascolana dura.


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L’intera piantagione copre circa un ettaro, composto da 350 piante.
I differenti Cultivar, danno origine al nostro olio. per elencarne alcuni: Leccino,  Carboncella, Frantoio, Moraiolo, Coroncina e l’Ascolana dura.
We sell and deliver our “IL NOSTRO ORO” Organic Extra-virgin Olive Oil throughout the world (perhaps “the world” is an exaggeration – it would be more appropriate to say Europe is our focus!), offering packaging options that suit your needs:

Package of 6 bottles (0.5 l each)
Package of 12 bottles (0.25 l each)
Package of one 3 l tin
Package of one 5 l tin
Assorted and customized
0,5 l bottle
5 l tin

Again available from November 2021