our company

“La Quercia Scarlatta was born from a distant idea of ​​ours.

Buy land in the Marches, convert the fields that have become ours into Biological, plant native vineyards and vineyards, cultivate the pink apples of the Sibillini mountains and many other biological raw materials and characteristics of these lands to use them for the production of natural cosmetics, renovate a old small farmhouse and turn an old barn into a cellar with annexed the oil mill and ‘been my dream and my husband Stefano always.

The fact that we could start making it only 10 years ago, was a choice forced by many factors. Changing life completely involves many risks and tensions, but in the end we said “now or never!” The concept that is so fashionable today “from Farm to market”, has been the basis of this project, even if at that time, we did not know this, today so fashionable, slogan .

Making quality products, managing completely the entire transformation chain that goes from the land to the final customer, is the basis of our concept of production, transformation and marketing. This project has been possible thanks to many experienced people who have helped us to immediately generate what we today call high quality processes, products and services. Although today we are satisfied with the achievements in terms of the environment, what we set for the future is even more avant-garde in terms of the naturalness of the project.

  • We are studying more cultivations of organic ingredients for our cosmetics line.
  •  We are working in collaboration with those who certify the cosmetic products for the creation of packaging that is even more environmentally conscious.
  • While for wines, we imagine that we will soon arrive at 0 added sulphites. Under that aspect we have already approached a lot with respect to this goal.

I hope to meet you soon at our small winery, in order to taste and experience together all that we produce and transform.”



Claudia Pagliotti