wine and distillates

The type of organic farming methods that we use on our lands, particularly for our vineyards, reduce productivity by about 20%.
The grapes are crushed to make our native wines.
Our limited number of well-maintained vines grow on approximately three hectares of our property and enable us to produce about 20,000 bottles of wine each year, including white, red and straw wines.

Our vineyards are organically managed, like all our land, and face south and are exposed to the area’s winds.

The red grape varieties are primarily San Giovese and Merlot, while the white grapes are mainly Ribona (new name for Maceratino).

The vineyard surrounds the winery, which is located at 250 m asl.

The training system is Guyot (named after Jules Guyot, the first expert to define this planting system scientifically several centuries ago). This cultivation method is believed to have been used even among the ancient Romans and was therefore commonly called “Latin-style” before Guyot’s work.
Regardless of the etymology of the name, we believe (together with a significant number in the winegrowing community) this training system is the most appropriate for our region. The system enables the entire vineyard to make the most of the local breezes that descend from the Sibillini Mountains or blow from the sea.

We have planted 3,500 vines per hectare, with yields of approximately 70-80 quintals of grapes per hectare.

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white wines

The white grapes are mainly Ribona

red wines

The red grape varieties are primarily San Giovese and Merlot

the grappa

Gioiosa Vitae